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Written by Nick Heer.

Microsoft Fails to Explain Windows 8 vs. Windows RT

Sean Hollister of The Verge called a bunch of Microsoft stores to ask if the reps could explain the difference between the two new versions of Windows:

I told some of them I was interested in Surface with Windows 8, and waited to see if they’d correct me and tell me it had Windows RT. (None did.) I asked others if Windows RT and Windows 8 were the same thing. I asked all of them what the differences between the two operating systems were — several times if I needed to — and I asked about any jargon or terminology that I thought an average buyer might have trouble understanding.

Damning. To be fair, Windows 8 isn’t out for another week, but customers will be inquiring. But if the staff doesn’t know the difference, there are going to be a lot of confused customers. Imagine if iOS for the iPad looked identical to OS X, but didn’t run any OS X apps.