Written by Nick Heer.

Meta Gets Passive-Aggressive With TikTok

Sarah Perez, yesterday, for TechCrunch:

The feature, first uncovered in changes discovered by product intelligence firm Watchful.ai, introduces a new sharing interface for TikTok Stories. Previously, users could share their TikTok Stories directly with TikTok friends by tapping their profile picture in the share sheet that pops up when you click the three-dot menu on a Story. The same interface also allows users to save the videos to their device, delete it or change its privacy settings.

Now, this sharing option will include a row of popular social apps, as well as an option to copy a link to the video, according to images provided by Watchful.ai and confirmed by TikTok.

Kaitlin Hatton, today, for the Verge:

Instagram is tired of creators making their videos in Reels and then heading over to TikTok. While using Reels this week, The Verge discovered that when trying to download an edited clip to an iPhone, the audio from the clip disappeared. This means if you want to export the footage from Reels to use in another app, you have to actually post the Reel first in order to save the sound. As recently as late July, it was possible to download the clip with audio and use it in a separate app — like, say, TikTok — without posting it first.

The audio was stripped out on three iPhones we tested, though exports with audio were still possible with Instagram on Android. Instagram did not respond to multiple requests for comment on whether this was a glitch or an intentional change.

Just as petty as the last time Instagram did this.