John Markoff’s Interview With Scott Forstall and Three Original iPhone Team Members

John Markoff of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California scored an impressive and wide-ranging interview with members of the original iPhone team — including Scott Forstall — to mark the tenth anniversary of its launch. If you’re just interested in the Scott Forstall bit, Philip Elmer-DeWitt posted a trimmed version.

Even though you probably know the short versions of a lot of these stories, I highly recommend watching the full interview. It’s pretty awesome hearing all of them speak at length about such a high-stakes project, but that’s particularly true for Forstall. There are details in every story they tell that you may not have ever considered, like Forstall’s story of demoing the iPhone for the first time for Cingular’s CEO and being concerned about WiFi access at the hotel.

If you have two hours of listening time today and you’re debating whether to spend it on a podcast or this, choose this interview.

Update: I’ve just noticed that Elmer-DeWitt’s trimmed version omits Forstall’s heartwarming stories about producing Broadway shows, and a fantastic story about Microsoft sending him a dead fish.