Websites Excluded From Big-Budget Advertisers Are Creating Marketer-Friendly Alternate Sites

Nandini Jammi of Check My Ads on Twitter:

I first caught whiff of while digging around @Yahoo’s sellers.json directory. TPM’s account contains 3 domains:

  • ThePostMillennial(.)com (hate site)

  • HumanEvents(.)com (hate site)

  • Whoa Canada (“7 desserts you can get in Toronto”)

Lol what

It took me ~15 sec to realize that *is* The Post Millennial — an ad operation explicitly designed to be the “brand safe” arm of TPM. This secret domain allows them to continue collecting ad $$, effectively subsidizing TPM’s racist + transphobic content.

After Jammi published this thread, Yahoo banned this publisher ID from its network.

It is an extremely sneaky tactic, and the Post Millennial is not the only website using a friendlier sibling for fundraising. Check My Ads also found a network of three innocuous-seeming websites subsidizing Steve Bannon’s web show.