Written by Nick Heer.

Manton Reece Will Return to Twitter When They Bring Back RSS

Manton Reece (via Michael Tsai):

There is one thing, though. There is one change that was made while rolling out the version 1.1 Twitter API: they removed support for unauthenticated RSS feeds of user tweets or timelines. If they reversed that one decision, the next day I would be back on Twitter.

Here’s a neat little story: I was at the Stedelijk in Amsterdam a couple of months after the “Touch and Tweet” exhibition opened, featuring a work that I assumed would be rather interesting. It was connected to Twitter’s RSS feed, though, and hadn’t been upgraded to API 1.1 by the time I saw it. It’s the same story with the first incarnation of my piece “Confessional”. I don’t understand why Twitter disabled unauthenticated RSS feeds; it was an immensely liberating way to interpret recent tweets.