Zack Shapiro: “Mailbox Has Been Abandoned”

Shapiro claims:

It’s sad to hear @mailbox has been abandoned inside of Dropbox. I’d love to buy it from them and keep working on it.

His source [sic]?

…friends inside of Dropbox, the team from mailbox isn’t on it anymore

For what it’s worth, Owen Williams says that this isn’t true. But Michael Dwan, formerly of Dropbox, says:

@ZackShapiro @jasdev can confirm

I’ve heard separately, too, that Mailbox and Carousel aren’t receiving much attention, if any. Carousel was last updated in September; Mailbox hasn’t been updated since July on iOS, April on Android, and February on the Mac. The Mailbox support staff hasn’t tweeted since September.

Dropbox hasn’t said anything publicly, but it’s not looking good for either app. And that’s a shame, really: while Carousel’s features can be largely rolled into the Dropbox app, Mailbox was unique and special. It was a pioneer in gestural interaction and a was the first really new take on an email client in a long time. I hope Mailbox isn’t abandoned, but the lack of updates and general silence on Dropbox’s end doesn’t look good for its future.