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Written by Nick Heer.

Mad Men’s Award-Winning Set Design

The first half of the final season1 of Mad Men is in full swing, and Interior Design magazine got an intimate look at the ridiculously detailed sets that make it such a compelling show:

The plot has top-tier silent characters, too. Fashion-wise, women’s prim shifts evolve into the kind of mod looks popularized by Courrèges. Furniture-wise, the ’60’s were of course mid-century heaven, as evidenced by sets that Weiner, production designer Dan Bishop, and set decorator Claudette Didul conceived down to the most intricate detail. Who knew there was a distinction between East and West Coast mid-century? Weiner did. And he invited Interior Design’s Cindy Allen, the only magazine editor ever granted full access, to tour Draper’s Park Avenue apartment, the agency’s Time & Life Building office, and more on four sound stages in Los Angeles.

I don’t usually link to slideshows, but this is worth it. See also James Minchin’s series of behind-the-scenes photos from a couple of years ago.

  1. Season splitting? Fuck AMC. ↩︎