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Written by Nick Heer.

The Macs Apple Was Selling in 1996

Very smart article from Riccardo Mori:

[…] I thought it would be interesting to offer an overview of the Macintosh models Apple was selling in 1996 and make a few related observations. In a nutshell: there was some level of organisation in what many have called the chaos of Macs available back then, and despite the long list of Mac models, the families and form factors were just a few; one of the main causes that generated confusion in the Macintosh product line was the frequent rebranding, and the progressive meaninglessness of the Performa line as the consumer choice versus the Power Macintosh as synonymous of ‘Pro’ machine.

I’ve recently criticized the current state of Apple’s branding, but it’s nowhere near as confusing as it once was. It’s definitely not as simple as the famous professional and consumer grid of the late nineties, nor do I necessarily think it should be, but any comparison to a mid-nineties Apple lineup is nonsense.