MacOS Sierra Logging Spew

Lloyd Chambers (via Michael Tsai):

My 2013 Mac Pro was running a bit noisy and hot for some hours yesterday even while idle. It is normally whisper quiet and all but inaudible. I have seen that behavior before, and it is always caused by some runaway process doing something useless in the background.

MacOS Sierra has been filled with new bugs, too numerous to contemplate. But the one discussed here is what I call the “logging spew” bug: a continuous stream of logging visible in the Console application, and steadily growing the size on disk of the numerous logging files, all of which are 100% useless to 99.999% of users.

The volume of logging in Sierra and iOS 10 alike has been mind-boggling to me. I’ve previously mentioned the bloated size of sysdiagnose files I’ve submitted when reporting bugs, for particularly stupid reasons. I see the same iTunes bug as Chambers:

On a Mac Pro no touch user interface exists, but the engineers at Apple don’t bother to test much any more, so the apparently is just going to fail forever.

I used to be able to open Console to diagnose minor system and application issues. Now, I just see a load of these error messages and information about my WiFi connection, neither of which is relevant to me.