Apple Is Still Selling About Half Its Macs to People Who Have Never Owned One Before

Tim Cook, via Jason Snell’s transcript of comments made during today’s quarterly earnings call:

[…] Importantly, our investment in the category has attracted both upgraders and customers new to Mac, and helped our install base reach an all time high. In fact, we set a quarterly record for upgraders, where nearly half of customers buying Mac during the quarter were new to the device.


The other thing that I should mention is that about two-thirds of the Apple Watches that we sold were to customers that had not previously owned an Apple Watch. And so we’re still very much selling to new customers here, which is very, very good for future.

No matter how big Apple gets, it is still a little surprising to me every time the company announces that half its Mac buyers are new. It has said that for years, and it is still true today after racking up its best ever Mac sales quarter. Undoubtably, that is why it just had a record quarter, but it demonstrates how far the Mac user base has grown and can continue to do so.