Comparing the Mac Pro’s Price and Performance in 2006

Speaking of the Mac Pro, I was reminded today about a time when Apple was proud of the professional Macs they shipped. Until the middle of last year, they had a dedicated page for professional users and case studies.

And then there was the competition. Dan Frakes, Macworld:

If you caught the Mac Pro’s introduction during last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, you know that Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for worldwide product marketing, punctuated his demo of the new high-end desktop by uttering the “D” word — Dell. Specifically, Schiller brought up Dell to compare its price to the standard 2.66GHz Mac Pro Quad’s $2,499 price tag. By Schiller’s math, a similarly configured Dell Precision 690 would run you $3,448 — around $950 more than the Mac Pro.

Today, you can’t even run a similar comparison because Dell doesn’t offer a Precision tower with a processor as old as the one fitted to the currently-available Mac Pro.