Written by Nick Heer.

As Apple Begins Taking Mac Pro Orders, Video Creators Share Early Impressions

John Voorhees, MacStories:

Earlier today, Apple began accepting orders for the all-new Mac Pro, which will start shipping to customers in 1-2 weeks. Reminiscent of what Apple did when it released the iMac Pro, the new Mac Pro was provided to a very limited set of reviewers with video production experience in advance of pre-orders.

Marques Brownlee shares his impressions after using the Mac Pro and two Pro Display XDRs to edit all of his YouTube videos for the past two weeks. His main takeaways? “One, it’s really quiet, Two, it’s really fast.” So fast, in fact, that he was able to render 8K video more quickly than the time it would take to watch.

Brownlee’s video is the only one I’ve watched so far, but his first impressions blew me away. I will never own one of these things, but I will live vicariously through those that need nothing but the fastest Mac for their specialized workflows.

Apple is on the cusp of shipping a new Mac Pro — a phrase many of us would not expect to have uttered three years ago, on the last Mac Pro’s third birthday without an update. The test will be whether that happens again. We already know of a few Mac Pro updates that Apple is readying, including Radeon Pro W5700X configuration options and up to 8 TB of storage. They also aren’t yet taking orders for the rack-mounted Mac Pro, which is “coming soon”. After that, though, it would be worrying if it once again stagnated for several years. I don’t expect to see a Mac Pro update every year, but I would hope to see gradual improvements — both to keep up with new technology, and to demonstrate their commitment to niche customers who depend on the Mac.