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Written by Nick Heer.

‘The Mac Keeps Going Forever’

Macworld’s Jason Snell sat down with Apple executives today to commemorate its thirtieth anniversary. There are tonnes of great quotes in here, but I love this one from Craig Federighi:

“To say [OS X and iOS] should be the same, independent of their purpose? Let’s just converge, for the sake of convergence? [It’s] absolutely a non-goal,” Federighi said. “You don’t want to say the Mac became less good at being a Mac because someone tried to turn it into iOS. At the same time, you don’t want to feel like iOS was designed by [one] company and Mac was designed by [a different] company, and they’re different for reasons of lack of common vision. We have a common sense of aesthetics, a common set of principles that drive us, and we’re building the best products we can for their unique purposes. So you’ll see them be the same where that makes sense, and you’ll see them be different in those things that are critical to their essence.”

All of the executives are clearly enthusiastic about the Mac’s place in the future of computing, but Federighi articulates why they’re so committed.