Lux Camera’s iPhone 15 Pro Max Review

Sebastiaan de With:

The challenge here is serious: the longer the lens, the harder it is to keep it steady from your shaky, pathetically unstable human hands. Most people do not take photos the way a tripod does — which means the iPhone camera has to do several things:


Getting a handheld shot, at night, without a tripod, or really too much effort on my part on a 120mm-equivalent lens is magic. There’s no other word for that, because there’s such complicated technology involved on a hardware and software level that it makes my head spin.

If you are not reading this review every year at least to gaze at de With’s gorgeous images, you are missing out. New York is a photogenic city, but it takes a skilled photographer to see these kinds of framing opportunities — especially with the real and virtual focal lengths available on this iPhone.