All the Little Things in Apple’s Spring

Federico Viticci, MacStories:

Apple events are always packed with little details that don’t make it into the main presentation or are easy to miss in the flurry of announcements. Some tidbits are buried in footnotes, while others are tucked into word clouds on Keynote slides or in release notes. Today’s event was no exception, so after having a chance to dig in a little deeper, here is an assortment of details about what Apple announced.

If you have been aching for a new case for your iPhone or a new Apple Watch band, you are spoiled for choice. That “Arizona” leather MagSafe wallet is a terrific colour, and I wish it were available as a case.

Hermès has a new nylon Apple Watch band in a few colours. At $319 in the U.S., it is expensive even for a luxury product, costing about twice what Omega charges for its nylon NATO straps. Ouch.

Viticci has done a great job collecting all of these accessories and non-marquee products.