LG Doesn’t Know Why It Bought WebOS From HP theverge.com

Nilay Patel, The Verge:

But where HP appears to be confidently moving forward from the client side of webOS and investing in services, LG seems extremely hesitant, and even confused about its future plans for the OS. Asked how webOS could be used to create “disruptive” smart TV products absent any of the content deals that have thus far stunted TV innovation, LG CTO Dr. Skott Ahn simply said that he believes “the environment will change from an app environment to a web environment.” Further asked to name the core benefit of the webOS platform for smart TVs, Dr. Ahn simply remained silent for 10 seconds, prompting LG’s North American VP of smart TV Samuel Chang to add that “we’re at the nascent stage” of smart TV development.

I wonder if they kept the receipt.