How Apple Shot ‘Let Loose’

Stu Maschwitz:

After Apple released a behind-the-scenes video about the production of “Scary Fast,” the Internet did its internet thing and questioned the “Shot on iPhone” claim, as if “Shot on iPhone” inherently means “shot with zero other gear besides an iPhone.” These takes were dumb and bad and some even included assertions that Apple added additional lensing to the phones, which they did not.

But for “Let Loose,” they did.

Maschwitz says Panavision’s Directors Finder is not too far off from what Apple used — though not the same — and there are two ways of viewing this. One is believing that an iPhone in an otherwise professional production environment does not really make a movie “shot on an iPhone”. I disagree. I much prefer the other way of looking at this same rig, which is that it is incredible that this entire professional workflow is being funneled through a tiny sensor on basically the same telephone I have in my pocket right now.