Hey, Larry David, Your Super Bowl Commercial Was Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Bad newrepublic.com

Here is a link I am posting in part because I am trying to bury my inability to remember what year we are currently living in, and also because it relates to the NFT op-ed I linked to Wednesday.

Timothy Noah, the New Republic:

Larry David appeared in a Super Bowl ad on Sunday. It was extremely funny. It showed David in various period costumes pooh-poohing a succession of transformative innovations: the wheel, the fork, the toilet, the Declaration of Independence, the light bulb, the moon shot, portable music.

But the punch line wasn’t funny at all. In modern dress, David demonstrated similar skepticism sitting across a desk from a man who told him that FTX, a new cryptocurrency exchange, was “a safe and easy way to get into crypto.” “Eeeh, I don’t think so,” David answered. “And I’m never wrong about this stuff. Never.”

FTX’s ad is called “Don’t Miss Out”, which seems pretty on the nose to me. It gives the whole game away: the current wave of this stuff is entirely based on worries of having the next big thing pass you by. Do not be fooled by this faux urgency; it is okay to wait and see if this means anything in the years to come. (Thanks to Brenden Becherer for sending this my way.)