Kodak Is Hiring for Film Manufacturing in Rochester wxxinews.org

Randy Gorbman, WXXI News of Rochester, New York:

Film is obviously a legacy product in a digital world, but Nagraj Bokinkere, Vice President of Industrial Films and Chemicals at Kodak, said it has seen a resurgence in the last few years.


“A few short years ago in the film finishing operation, that was a 40 hours-a-week type operation, that was the capacity we had that was adequate to meet the demand,” said Bokinkere. “But now we’re at 24/7. That’s a (four times) increase in that capacity in that step, which is still not enough to catch up with the demand.”

Curious news in the shadow of falling digital camera sales comes this apparent resurgence, however modest overall, of interest in film cameras. Unfortunately, as with vinyl records, longtime fans of the format must weather significant price increases as demand outstrips supply. At my local camera store, the price of Ilford has gone up by two dollars per roll in the last two years; a roll of Tmax 100 is four dollars more.