Written by Nick Heer.

Three-Judge Panel Dismisses Nonsense Lawsuit Alleging Infringement of First Amendment Rights by Tech Companies

Erik Larson, Bloomberg:

A federal appeals court rejected claims that tech giants Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google conspired to suppress conservative views online.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington on Wednesday affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit by the nonprofit group Freedom Watch and the right-wing YouTube personality Laura Loomer, who accused the companies of violating antitrust laws and the First Amendment in a coordinated political plot.


Larry Klayman, a lawyer for Freedom Watch and Loomer, said in an interview that he’d file a petition to have the case reheard by an enlarged, “en banc” panel of the court’s judges and take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary. He said he believes the court chose Wednesday to issue its decision as a response to President Donald Trump’s threat to regulate or shutter social media companies for their alleged anticonservative bias.

Klayman is an entire jackass who has been banned from several courtrooms, and has repeatedly faced the prospect of having his law license suspended — most recently for pursuing a romantic relationship with a client. Meanwhile, the U.S. President thinks that he has the capacity to “close down” companies because they dare attempt to correct his dangerous lies that delegitimize this year’s election. Twitter, meanwhile, has decided to allow the use of its platform by the President for slandering a television host by accusing him of murder.

This “flooding the zone with shit” tactic is disastrous at any time, but is contemptible without compare during a pandemic that has now killed a hundred thousand Americans and over three hundred thousand worldwide.