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Written by Nick Heer.

Kirk McElhearn’s Apple Watch Pricing Guesses

A bold prediction on the Edition pricing, given talk of a $5,000 to $10,000 to $20,000 price range:

As such, I think the list price for the base model Apple Watch Edition will be $1,999. There will certainly be a price differential by size, and it could be a couple hundred dollars for this version. In addition, the watchbands will cost as much as several hundred dollars. There’s just no reason to pay more. I repeat, this is not a luxury watch; this is a smartwatch with a gold case.

Also a reasonable prediction on the no-suffix Watch:1

The middle of the line Apple Watch differs from the Apple Watch Sport in its casing (stainless steel vs. aluminum), and its crystal (sapphire vs. glass). As such, it will be more expensive. But I think it will come in at under $500. Again, it’s not clear whether the two sizes will be priced differently, but, if they are, think $499/$549.

Another difference between the Watch and the Watch Sport is that the latter, uhm, sports a plastic cover on the back, while the two higher-end models use ceramic with sapphire lens covers.

  1. Will this, like the iPod, be the Watch Classic in a couple of years? ↩︎