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Lex Friedman used a Nokia Lumia 920 for an entire month, replacing his iPhone 5:

So now, after a month with it as my go-to phone, I’ve powered down the Lumia 920 and returned my SIM card to its rightful place in my iPhone 5. That’s right: I’m back on the iOS-exclusive train, and I don’t regret my decision a bit. But I also don’t regret my choice to give Windows Phone a chance. I think it’s a promising mobile operating system, and I sincerely hope Microsoft keeps lavishing it with the attention it deserves. It’d be a shame for Microsoft to throw in the towel on Windows Phone, given how bright its future could be.

John Moltz also thinks that Windows Phone is the next-best choice:

If Apple does decide to take cues from someone to provide more user feedback, I hope it’s Microsoft instead of Google. I know some find the updating tiles distracting, but to me the Interface Formerly Known As Metro is attractive and provides more functionality without additional complexity.