U.S. Judge Narrows Scope of Google Antitrust Case nytimes.com

David McCabe and Nico Grant, New York Times:

In the decision, which was unsealed on Friday, Judge Amit P. Mehta of U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed four claims in the lawsuits and allowed government lawyers to move forward with three.

Judge Mehta wrote that a trial was warranted to assess whether Google’s exclusivity deals for web browsers and preloading its services on Android devices illegally helped the internet company maintain a monopoly. But he said the government had not “demonstrated the requisite anticompetitive effect” to prove that Google broke the law in other ways, such as by boosting its own products in search results over those of specialized sites, like Amazon and Yelp.

The authors of this article do not link to the judge’s decision (PDF). This is not difficult. In addition to what has been mentioned above, the judge found merit in trialling an accusation that Google delayed adoption of features for Microsoft Ads in its Search Ads 360 product for anticompetitive reasons.