‘Journalists Should Leave Twitter’ techdirt.com

For a smart counterpoint to Twitter’s hangers-on, look to a January article in Techdirt by Dan Gillmor:

Elon Musk has demonstrated contempt for free speech in general, and journalism in particular, with his behavior at Twitter. He is also demonstrating why it is foolhardy for anyone to rely on centralized platforms to create and distribute vital information. Journalists — among many information providers and users — should move to decentralized systems where they have control of what they say and how they distribute it. And philanthropic organizations have a major role to play. Here is a way forward.

As if Twitter’s new management needed to underscore Gillmor’s arguments, it appears Substack users — some of whom are journalists — are having problems with embedding tweets. And, look, it is fully possible to quote tweets as text — I do it all the time because I think Twitter’s embeds are gross — but this reeks of retaliation or, at the very least, little care for how these features are actually used.

The good news, for me, is that it appears my write-only Twitter bot is still working, for now.