Written by Nick Heer.

Jony Ive Is Not a Graphic Designer

Ben Thompson, on the rumoured iOS 7 redesign:

A purely visual overhaul would not have a WWDC deadline. iOS 7 is not expected to be released until the fall, and betas could use old visuals until then. The fact there is a WWDC deadlines suggests there are real functionality changes that developers need to know about.

I think that those who think iOS 7 is going to be a massive redesign of the whole operating system are going to be disappointed. I base this on nothing more than a hunch; recall that when an Apple tablet was rumoured back in 2009, many people considered it necessary to create a brand new operating system for it. But if you think Jony Ive is just going to replace the leather in Reminders with a solid grey background, you’re sorely underestimating the value he brings to the company.