Written by Nick Heer.

A Decade Later, Steve Jobs Is Still Paving Apple’s Path to Success

Steve Jobs died ten years ago yesterday. Jason Snell wrote a particularly nice piece for Macworld acknowledging the anniversary:

The fact that so much of Apple’s growth has happened since Jobs’s departure hasn’t reduced him at all. It would be relatively easy to argue that the success of Tim Cook’s Apple suggests that, despite everyone’s concern in the late days of 2011, the company actually could go on without Jobs at the helm. But that’s not what anyone thinks. Instead, Jobs is credited for putting Apple on the path that led to it becoming what it is today.

The acquisition of NeXT — a technology company with subdued success — by Apple Computer Inc. in 1997, a once-influential company that was weeks away from bankruptcy, is one of the greatest business success stories of all time. On paper, it is the merger of a niche company and a has-been; in practice, it changed the world — mostly because of Jobs.

I think Marco Arment put it well:

He wasn’t taken from us after a long, complete life — he was taken in his prime.

He had so much more to offer the world.

True. Yet his impact is so great that Jobs still offers the world more, long after his death.