Written by Nick Heer.

Jim Edwards of Business Insider Is My New Favourite Linkbait Master

Remember last week’s piece from Jim Edwards, where he complained about how different platforms are different, and how annoying that is to him?

Turns out that Edwards is capable of spinning a hell of a lot more linkbait than some pesky slideshow. Take this headline, for instance:

Apple Admits Steve Jobs’ Vision For iAd Was A Huge Flop

Woah, they admitted that? I’m subscribed to Apple’s press release feed and I didn’t see anything. They must have kept that admission pretty quiet.

Apple will repurpose iAd, its mobile ad serving system, to support its new streaming music service, which some are calling iRadio.

Oh, it’s a fucking rumour about an unannounced product, which Jim Edwards has skillfully repackaged as a flat-out admission from Apple. Genius.

Update: Jim Edwards is also the guy behind the idiotic speculation that Apple leaked an unannounced watch product in their “Music Every Day” ad.