Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2021 Jealousy List

Every year, Bloomberg Businessweek’s writers and editors select stories from other publications they wish they had written. I love the concept, and this year’s “Jealousy List” is full of stuff I want to read.

In linking to the 2020 list, I said that I will be jealous of the person or publication who can fully explain the now-infamous “Big Hack” feature: the dubious story of Chinese intelligence surreptitiously implanting chips on the boards of servers made by Supermicro. But that was last year; now there are two questionable stories involving multiple intrusion techniques, a decade of spycraft, dozens of companies, several U.S. government agencies — and the only journalists anywhere who can report even a hint of this are Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley of Bloomberg. I would love to know the story behind that.