Written by Nick Heer.

J.D. Pricing Power

Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch clears up the confusion:

So I reached out to JD Power and spoke to Kirk Parsons, senior director of telecommunications services. What he told us wasn’t too surprising, but it may help clear up some of the confusion. First off, the “power circle” chart that’s being widely circulated is simply a visual tool, and not representative of the actual scores given to the brands evaluated in its survey.

So when they call them “scores”, don’t think of them as actual scores, but rather arbitrary dots on a page.

Parsons confirmed the [weighting percentage], but said that the differential between the prices of the iPad and the prices of the Samsung tablets that were included in the survey was large enough to “more than offset” the score in the other four categories. Parsons says that the price category contributed to a full two-point difference between Apple and Samsung.

I reiterate:

I also don’t know who at J.D. Power thinks a difference of two points on a thousand-point scale in a sample size of 3,375 is statistically significant (it isn’t).