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Written by Nick Heer.

iWork for iCloud Updated With Improved Collaboration

Federico Viticci really likes the new iCloud/iWork collaboration features:

I don’t know if the collaborative changes were rolled out today or in the past few months, but I’m impressed by the progress that’s been made so far and it’s worth pointing it out. The native iWork apps for OS X and iOS still don’t support the same real-time editing of the iCloud versions, which is why we can’t switch to Pages full-time yet. I really like Apple’s implementation of collaborative editing on the web (you can “jump” to a user’s cursor by clicking their name), and I can’t wait to have the same features on iOS.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen loads of tweets and articles from people suggesting that all sorts of previously-derided things — from iCloud to Apple Maps, Siri to AT&T — have been noticeably improved. I’m still a little surprised that these collaboration features haven’t made their way into the native apps, which is where they belong. Progress is being made, people.