iTunes Connect Roulette

Kyle Russell, TechCrunch:

An issue with Apple’s iTunes Connect service, which lets developers upload new versions of their apps to the App Store and track sales and income, is causing some developers to log into the wrong accounts this morning.

That’s kind of a big problem. I’ve noticed tweets from a few different people that ended up in BlackBerry’s iTunes Connect example, though, which makes me think that some accounts were shown more often than others. That’s kind of weird, and it makes me wonder what kind of weird session management issue caused this.

Apple has pulled iTunes Connect offline while they work to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, because it’s Apple, there’s almost no chance of any of us finding out what the root of this issue was, unless someone in the know were to leak it.

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Update: This problem has apparently been fixed. I was able to log in to iTunes Connect with my developer ID and it did, indeed, go to the correct portal.