Written by Nick Heer.

It’s the Production Line, Stupid

Another stellar post from Craig Hockenberry, regarding an iPhone equipped with a larger display:

Basically, Apple creates a pipeline that produces devices at an amazing rate. And it’s a finely tuned machine with a lot of inertia. You don’t just walk in and say, “Hey, let’s change the screen!” Doing so would throw that machine out of balance: a new screen means that some of the components (like the headphone jack) don’t change, while others would (the case, for example.)

Wanna hear my crazy-as-shit idea?

An iPhone with a bigger display is real. It’s happening eventually. But to keep both the aesthetics of the product in check, and to ensure it stays pocketable, the bezels are tiny. Apple has filed patents for putting both a camera and speakers behind a display. As for the home button, the whole display pivots to click, like the trackpad in a MacBook. An iPhone’s display which uses the same pixel dimensions as the iPhone 5 but at the density of a retina iPad is only slightly larger than an iPhone 4S is overall, so an ultra-thin bezel would keep it pocketable.

It’s a crazy idea, but wouldn’t it be amazing?