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Written by Nick Heer.

It’s One of Those Days, Isn’t It?

Dan Farber writes for CNet:

Apple’s first ads for the iPhone 5 have surfaced, featuring the voice of Jeff Daniels, also known as Will McAvoy, the fictional news anchor of Aaron Sorkin’s HBO show, “Newsroom.” It’s unlikely Apple hired Daniels because of his 1994 starring role in “Dumb and Dumber.”

Ah, yeah, I noticed that too. Nice joke.

Daniels character on the show is a flawed, mercurial TV news man who at heart wants to change the world, a description that could have been applied to Steve Jobs in his domain.

Wait, you’re doubling down on this? This is a serious analysis of the reason why Apple chose Jeff Daniels to provide the voiceover, other than because he has a good voice?

Daniels’ McAvoy is idealistically dedicated to getting as some form of truth, and Apple to some form of perfection in its products.

Stop it. They hired Jeff Daniels because his voice sounds good, he’s clear, and because he has great comedic timing. That’s it.