It’s a Trap

I’ve linked to “J.K. Appleseed”‘s column for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency before; here’s the latest, including three guest stories, plus a spectacular takedown of that shitty New York Times article from late October:

This reminds me of a Howard Stern radio broadcast in which he spoke to a caller who stated that Korean deli owners only thrived in New York because they were exempt from taxes. Stern, to his credit, scoffed.

He asked, “Do you actually believe that? That out of all the hundreds of nationalities in this great city, that this one random one is somehow, secretly exempt from paying taxes?”

As an aside, if you’re looking for the Caitlin Flanagan essay referenced in this piece, the Atlantic has thoughtfully put it online. Sadly, it’s nearly entirely unformatted and Safari Reader doesn’t want to parse it, so chuck it in Instapaper like a human being would.