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Written by Nick Heer.

Mike Beasley Watched “iSteve” So You Wouldn’t Have To

Mike Beasley, 9to5Mac:

Watching this movie felt a lot like using a PC. I spent half the time staring at the screen in utter bewilderment, and the other half desperately trying to figure out how something so void of any semblance of taste was actually OK’d by anyone at any level of the production.

Brevity is the soul of wit. This single-joke movie is only brief on a geological time scale.

Update: Mat Honan watched it, too:

iSteve, the Steve Jobs parody biopic from Funny or Die, starring Justin Long, Jorge Garcia, James Urbaniak and Michaela Watkins, is profoundly unfunny. It runs nearly 80 minutes. If “Funny or Die” is a promise, the crew should probably start coffin shopping.

A giant bag of hurt.