iPhone Voice Isolation Comes to Regular Phone Calls With iOS 16.4 9to5mac.com

Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac:

iOS 15 introduced new Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum modes to change audio capture using the iPhone’s built-in microphone. However, these modes were only available for FaceTime calls and some third-party apps. But with iOS 16.4, Apple is bringing Voice Isolation to cellular calls as well.

These voice modes and the video effects which were introduced at the same time are really hard to find. They are not surfaced in apps; instead, they are in Control Centre. So you start a phone call, then swipe down to reveal Control Centre, then tap on the newly-revealed Mic Mode cell, then select the mode you want to use. There is no way to set a mic mode as a universal default but, happily, the app from which the mic mode was triggered seems to remember which mode you prefer, at least for a while.