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Written by Nick Heer.

The Sweet Setup’s iPhone 6S Case Roundup

I very rarely disagree with the Sweet Setup, but their pick — the silicone one made by Apple — isn’t even close to the best iPhone case, for my money. Its material makes it prone to sticking to the inside of your pocket, and makes whatever lint, dust, and other crap that’s inside your pockets stick to it. That would drive me crazy.

Apple’s leather case is their next favourite pick. I spent three weeks with one, and I was not a fan — it makes the phone feel big and bulky, and it’s hard to hit any of the buttons. The “Saddle Brown” colour is really nice, though.

Last night, my (replacement) Peel case finally arrived — intact, this time — and I’m using it right now. I generally hate putting a case on my iPhone, but I wanted to give this one a shot considering the number of times the 6S has slid out of my hands. It doesn’t provide much protection, and its material makes the iPhone feel cheaper, but it’s grippier than the aluminum back. And, it must be said, it smooths out the camera bump. I’m not sure if it’s the best case for the 6S, but it’s my favourite one that I’ve tried.