The iPhone 13 Pro’s Camera Bump Is News in Big

It seems like so long ago that the iPhone 6 launched and, with it, the ”really very pragmatic optimization” of the camera bump, and even longer still since the original iPhone presentation where Steve Jobs barely acknowledged that it had a “two megapixel camera built in”. Now look at the camera. It is less of a bump and more of a boulder.

Apple’s accessory design guidelines have not been updated with these phones yet. But if the webpage rendering is anything to go by, the bump is now over 50% of the width of the back glass and over 25% of its height. This is not a complaint, per se, as I appreciate the technical achievements of building so much camera into so little space. But I have to wonder how much farther this can go. Will a not-too-distant iPhone model just make the whole phone as thick as the camera bump, as if for the cycle to start anew?