iPad Pro Optimizations in the Latest Version of iWork macstories.net

Despite all of the things I thought Apple did right in iOS 10, I found their lack of support for the iPad as a unique platform to be disappointing. I know they can’t hit every item on their internal wish list with each release, but after the robust enhancements to the iPad experience in iOS 9, seeing many of this year’s improvements be scaled-up versions of the iPhone experience was not encouraging. In particular, the lack of significant improvements for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro seems worrying.

On the big iPad Pro, though, the new version of iWork includes a touch-optimized version of the formatting sidebar that appears in all three desktop apps. It’s pretty clear that there are people within Apple who want the iPad to be far more robust and capable, but it’s too bad that more of that focus didn’t make it into iOS 10.