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Written by Nick Heer.

The iPad-Only Life

As most of you know, Federico Viticci has gone (practically) iPad-only for a year now and it’s only getting better for him:

OS X is a fantastic desktop operating system, but it runs on machines that increasingly don’t fit the lifestyle of users who, like me, can’t sit down at a desk every day. I can’t (and I don’t want to) depend on Macs anymore because I want a computer that can always be with me. The majority of the world’s population doesn’t care about Xcode. I want to use an OS without (what I see as) cruft of decades of desktop conventions. I want powerful, innovative apps that I can touch. An iPad is the embodiment of all this.

After a few years of rather mopey iPad investment, it feels like Apple has recommitted to the platform in a meaningful way. iOS 9 was a real kick in the pants, and I hope that only accelerates with iOS 10. There are still notable gaps in obvious workflows, as Viticci freely points to, but working solely on an iPad is not a ridiculous notion — Viticci and others prove that regularly.