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Written by Nick Heer.

iPad Mini Trademark Registration Saga

Eric Adler updates us on the numbingly-stupid iPad Mini trademark non-story:

Apple needs to file a one-sentence disclaimer with the USPTO. Apple does not need add any fine print to its advertising. The disclaimer means, in essence, that Apple will own the trademark to “iPad mini” but not to just “mini.”

No shit. What’s to bet Patently Apple ignores this because it lacks the drama of their initial post?

Meanwhile at 9to5Mac, Ben Lovejoy doesn’t understand the disclaimer:

The disclaimer requirement may be an attempt to bring some sanity back to trademark wars: while Apple already holds the trademark to iPad, it’s unclear what benefit there is in trademarking ‘iPad mini’ specifically.

Because it’s a distinct brand, Mr. Lovejoy. It’s why “Mac Mini” and “Mac” are both trademarked.

While it’s possible this was entirely intentional, Apple has been left in a worse position than if it hadn’t applied for the trademark in the first place with the USPTO punishing what it sees as a pointless application.

In what way is this a worse position? Unless, of course, you think that Apple must add the following to the bottom of the iPad Mini box:

iPad Mini™ is a trademark of Apple Inc., but the USPTO would like us to remind you that the word “mini” itself is not a trademark of Apple Inc.

In which case, you need to re-read the letter the USPTO sent to Apple.