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Written by Nick Heer.

Flurry Analytics: iOS Users Are Almost Entirely Opting Out of App Tracking

Catalin Cimpanu, the Record:

According to new data released by Flurry Analytics, a Verizon-owned ad analytics company, around an estimated 88% of iOS users worldwide have refused to allow apps to track them.

The number, which is even higher in the US, at around 96%, shows exactly why the feature was so widely criticized last year.

That link points to a story at the Verge about Facebook’s newspaper-based advertising campaign protesting this feature. So, sure, it was “widely criticized” by a company that is notoriously hostile to user privacy in the sense that its ads ran in popular newspapers. Among actual users, however, this feature is nothing but a hit. Given the choice, most people opt out, presumably because they think it is really creepy for the apps they use to surreptitiously fuel an unregulated economy of surveillance.

Flurry Analytics is updating its charts daily. The numbers now stand at 87% of worldwide users opting out of tracking and 95% in the U.S.