iOS 8.1.3 Released

John Callaham, iMore:

If you’ll recall, the iOS 8.1.1 update returned some 500MB of free space to users. The free space needed to implement the many major under-the-hood changes that comprised iOS 8 did cause some grief for many updaters, so hopefully after installing iOS 8.1.3 we won’t have to resort to less civilized means of updating when the next update comes along.

Good stuff, and it sounds like the reduced space requirement takes effect immediately without having to wait for the next update. I wonder if this will help those who were unable to update from iOS 7, and what kind of uptick this will produce in version stats, which currently sits at 69% running iOS 8.

I still think 16GB iOS products should be abolished, though. I doubt there’s anyone in Apple’s senior ranks who uses a 16GB iPhone, and it’s not because they’re rich.