Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.


Totally awesome Toronto-based design firm Teehan+Lax have updated their infamous iOS interface Photoshop document for both iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, and it’s a huge improvement:

Those of you who have downloaded and used these files have probably noticed they’ve become quite bloated. As fast as our computers are today, they still get pretty sluggish when working in a document that contains tens of millions of pixels with hundreds of shape layers. This time around we focussed on making the file a bit more usable. It’s smaller in file size and has a reduced canvas making it quite a bit more manageable.

Their iPhone 4S/iOS 5 document weighs in at 46.5 MB, with a canvas size of 4,300 × 3,500 pixels. The updated document is just 38.4 MB, with a canvas of 3,000 × 3,000 pixels, yet it carries the same obnoxiously high level of detail that we’ve come to expect. This is still the absolute best tool to mock up a new interface.