Apple Releases iOS 17.0.1 Fixing Three Exploited Zero-Days

Normally, I would not cover a patch update, even if it does contain fixes for three actively exploited vulnerabilities — something which seems increasingly routine. In this case, it is notable because many of you will likely be receiving new iPhones shipping with iOS 17.0 in a matter of hours. (It is before 11:00 am in Australia as I write this.)

You may wish to make one of two choices:

  1. update your current iPhone, and be sure to update the new one before trying to restore from backup; or

  2. wait to update until after your new iPhone arrives tomorrow and you have restored from backup, and perhaps enable Lockdown Mode to be safe.

The latter option is probably not your best choice, but either way should preserve backup compatibility. Just something to keep in mind.

Update: Well, after I hit “publish”, I saw a tweet from Ramal showing an iOS 17.0.2 update that Apple says is available for all iPhone 15 models, and “fixes an issue that may prevent transferring data directly from another iPhone during set-up”.