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Written by Nick Heer.

Introducing OneNote for Mac

Microsoft’s OneNote team:

We’ve seen the countless requests for a Mac client of OneNote, and we’ve been hard at work to deliver it. We’ve been counting the days to finally share with you that OneNote for Mac is now available and you can download it from the app store for free today!

A highly-anticipated Microsoft product that’s available for free on the Mac? Up is down. White is black. I’m so very confused.

There’s a bit of the Microsoft you know and sort-of-admire in OneNote for Mac. Window redrawing is still the pits, and the interface design still leaves a lot to be desired — I’ve always hated the cluttered “Ribbon” toolbar design. But it’s a really unique application that a few of my Windows-to-Mac switcher friends have long wanted back.

Perhaps this signifies the beginning of a new era of Microsoft; one where they become a cross-platform services and products company that happens to have the world’s most popular desktop operating system.