Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

Introducing Jelly

Biz Stone’s mysterious startup Jelly isn’t vapourware:

Say you’re walking along and you spot something unusual. You want to know what it is so you launch Jelly, take a picture, circle it with your finger, and type, “What’s this?” That query is submitted to some people in your network who also have Jelly. Jelly notifies you when you have answers.

I’m intrigued, but I’m also a little confused; how is this significantly different than simply asking that question on Twitter? What makes Jelly more compelling?

Update: Like every single person opening a Jelly account today, I asked why Jelly is compelling… on Jelly. And I got some really great responses. From “Matt”:

Perhaps because we’re presented with one question at a time vs. a fast-moving feed of tweets?


Content on Twitter gets lost in the stream. This is explicitly about questions looking for answers.

I’m skeptical, but I think this feels a little special. The app is really fun to use, and feels instantaneous. I’m hopeful.