Pixel Envy

Written by Nick Heer.

Introducing Darkroom

Majd Taby introduces Darkroom, a new app that he and Matt Brown created:

For starters, filters didn’t always fit our images. They might capture the right tone in the shadows but not the highlights; adjustments were either hard or impossible. As a result, we ended up picking from a limited set of looks that lead us to filter fatigue. We wanted a way to define the precise tone and effect on our images.

Our insight was that mobile filters were developed using desktop tools. What if the same tools existed on a mobile app?

Darkroom is our answer. By putting the tools used to make filters in an app, we’ve turned static filters to jumping off points for editing. For the first time, you can capture the perfect tone, and you can create your own filters. The editing tools we offer are carefully chosen and powerful. Everything about Darkroom is designed to be fast and get out of your way.

I’ve been using Darkroom for the past couple of months and I’ve really enjoyed my time with it. It’s fast — really fast — and it offers something I’ve long wished for in other apps: a way to quickly edit the selected filter. While it hasn’t replaced VSCOcam for me, it has become a worthy part of my workflow. It’s free on the App Store, and RGB curves are unlocked with a $3.49 in-app purchase ($2.99 USD). You should check it out.