Intel’s Smartphone SoCs Officially Cancelled

Intel has been struggling. After announcing plans to cut 11% of their workforce, they’re now terminating their smartphone SoC plans, as reported by Ian Cutress and Ryan Smith of AnandTech:

Today’s big news out of Intel is along these lines, and with strategy and workforce news behind them, we have our first announcements on product changes that will come from Intel’s new strategy. In a report on Intel’s new strategy published by analyst Patrick Moorhead, Moorhead revealed that Intel would be radically changing their smartphone SoC plans, canceling their forthcoming Broxton and SoFIA products and in practice leaving the smartphone market for at least the time being.

Given the significance of this news we immediately reached out to Intel to get direct confirmation of the cancelation, and we can now confirm that Intel is indeed canceling both Broxton and SoFIA as part of their new strategy.

Intel really missed the boat on the post-PC era, as Apple likes to call it. What a shame. I hope they can get back on some more solid footing.