Intel Is Trying to Court Apple for Chip Manufacturing at New Foundries

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger today shared some details on Intel’s future plans, which includes the founding of a separate “Intel Foundry Services” business and two new chip factories that are being built in Arizona. Going forward, Intel wants to become a major provider of foundry capacity in the United States and Europe, manufacturing chips for other companies.

When discussing Intel’s new plans, Gelsinger said that Intel plans to pursue Apple as a potential customer, which would see Intel producing Apple silicon chips for use in Apple devices if Apple does indeed decide to use Intel’s services.

Intel’s recent ads highlighted some of the unique qualities of non-Apple notebooks but, if not for the Intel logo at the end, they could have been ads for just about any component maker. Now Intel wants to make Apple’s processors — of course, all of those will be entirely Apple-branded, leaving Intel as just another supplier.

Intel is missing the boat on being the Heinz of computers.